Amazon Paiche



IQF skinless fillets

A superb quality white fish that offers new possibilities to delight the most demanding pallats and impress with outstanding center of the plate presenta- tions. All natural and sustainably farm raised.

Our All Natural farm-raised Paiche from Peru features a meaty white flesh fil- let, a delicate flavor, and unique culinary properties that provides new options for chefs and consumers at home. Paiche is rich in collagen, forming a crust in the outside while retaining moist in the inside. It withstands high heat, holds together extremelly well in the grill, and is hard to dry out.

Paiche is an extremely healthy alternative to other large fish. It has almost no traces of mercury, which makes it an excellent choice for children and women. Our Amazone Paiche is sustainably farm-raised in its natural habitat, in the Peruvian Amazon. Our farming program aims at recovering this protected species.


Meaty, white flesh
Mild, delicate flavor
Collagen rich. Forms a crust in the outside while retaining moist
No traces of mercury
Sustainable, All natural
Whole Foods Market certified