Patagonian Calamari

patagonian calamari



A flavorful, meaty, jumbo sized, top quality calamari from the pristine and cold waters of the Patagonia, in Argentina. Processed in tubes or rings, these cala- mari will surely delight your customers.

These steak grade, yet tender calamari are packed with flavor. Wild caught in the icy waters of the Patagonia, in Argentina, our jumbo Patagonian Calamari takes squid at the highest levels. Forget about tiny, flavorless squid. These jumbo sized (7-9 inches) will make a difference in flavor and presentation, without sacrificing your budget. This delicious calamari have a mild flavor prod- uct of the natural environment and diet in the pristine waters of the Patagonian sea, where they grow free of human pollutants. Our Patagonian Calamari are wild caught, and we don’t use any chemicals in their processing.


Meaty and tender Mild delicate flavor
Jumbo sized
Mild delicate flavor