Peruvian Blue Tilapia

Peruvian Blue Tilapia


Fresh skinless fillets
IQF skinless fillets

A Tilapia like no other. A different species of Tilapia with an unparalleled taste, texture, and white flesh that sets it apart from the commonly available tilapias. Grown sustainably and naturally, without antibiotics, hormones, or other chemicals.

The water in which fish swims, the type of diet it consumes, and the environ- ment in which it lives determine in a significant way the flavor, texture, and quality of the fish. We have gone above and beyond to create an ideal envi- ronment to breed and raise an ultra premium Blue Tilapia, free of human or chemical pollutants. We feed it with top quality balanced feed, and supply our farm with one of the cleanest waters in the world; pristine first-use water direct- ly from a glacier in the Northern Peruvian Andes.


White flesh
Non-muddy flavor
Bright burgundy bloodline
Hand-cut fillets
Deep-skinned fillets
Whole Foods Market Certified