Peruvian Lantern Scallops (dry)

Lantern Scallops



Ultra premium quality scallops shipped fresh from Peru. Our scallops feature an unparalleled sweet and clean taste. Ideal for crudos, ceviches, and baking.

We cultivate our Nazca Lantern Scallops in the nutrient-rich waters of the Peruvian Pacific Ocean on a low impact sea-farm. We raise our scallops using the traditional “Japanese lantern” method, a sustainable farming technique which utilizes baskets suspended in the sea, known as lanterns. Critical to scallop quality is the time from harvest to processing.

Our state of the art facility is located nearby, therefore reducing the har- vest-to-process time from the tipical 5-10 hours to just 2 hours. The time saved in transit reflects in the quality of our scallops. Shuckled and graded right away by hand.


Clean flavor free of sand 100% DRY, chemical free Release a flavorful milk
Grown and harvested without touching the sea floor
100% traceable